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pawn shop

Pawn Shop and Loan Celebrates 71 Years Serving Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, February 20, 2019 ( – Diamond Jewelry & Loan, a pawn shop has been located for decades at the bustling corner of Santa Monica and Western, serving the community with loans and cash for high-value items. In addition, the shop offers gold testing for free so that customers can have a higher sense of transparency when trading….

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The Successful Journey Of Sam Solakyan As An Entrepreneur And Immigrant

Sam Solakyan is a well-known entrepreneur in California. However, achieving his success was not easy. He needed to deal with a lot of hurdles to help him get to where he is now. But Sam Solakyan’s achievement is influenced significantly by his life experiences as an immigrant. Just like most of the immigrants in the…

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bankruptcy attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney Handles Debt Settlement Cases

LOS ANGELES, February 13, 2019 ( – Karine Karadjian, P.C., a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles. For more information about debt settlement, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or to make a press inquiry, reach out to Karine Karadjian directly. She can be found at (323) 524-2123, (949) 565-4707 or (818) 960-6460. Source: Karine Karadjian, P.C.

Keith Middlebrook Entered The 800 Club With A Higher Than 800 Fico Score

Keith Middlebrook is known to many as the real Iron Man and the primary driving force that made Mayweather-Pacquiao fight a reality. The fight was a record-breaking battle held in Las Vegas. It raked more than $200 million. But Keith is more than just a negotiator. He has built an empire in the sports industry….

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paul davis

New Advancements in Drying Tech From Paul Davis

LOS ANGELES, February 12, 2019 ( – Paul Davis, a , has new drying technology for homes and other kinds of buildings. This can assist with restoring buildings that have been damaged during the recent rain. Thermal imaging has been utilized in the drying process for years. Instead of cutting drywall or carpets to look for water damage,…

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la injury attorneys

LA Injury Attorneys Note Thousands of California Motor Vehicle Deaths Annually

LOS ANGELES, February 12, 2019 ( –  The LA Injury Group, a team of “Statista,” there were 3,564 deaths from motor vehicles in the state of California in 2017. And in each of 2014, 2015 and 2016, there were more than 3,000. Many of these deaths occurred in Los Angeles and were caused by a careless driver. The…

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