Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Albert Abkarian Launches New Website to Modernize Client Service

Albert Abkarian Law and Associates focus on providing clearer online representation for clients. MONTROSE, Calif., July 24, 2018 ( – Noted car accident lawyers, the group is focused on representing clients who have found themselves caught in unfortunate circumstances. Albert Abkarian, the founder and CEO of the prominent law firm, is a strong believer that everyone should…

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Bookie Software

IDSCA Bookie Software to Offer Expanded Action for Football Preseason Games

In addition to all of the regular season betting action, the pay per head service provider is expanding to a full menu starting with the preseason in August. SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, July 24, 2018 ( – The wildly-popular PPH software solutions are bookie-friendly by virtue of being easily-accessible, private, and user-friendly to the greater betting public. In August…

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Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency

Google Marketing Live 2018 Roundup With Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency Websites Depot

The mega event took place from July 9 to 11 at the San Jose Convention Center. By invitation only marketers, partners and Googlers all around the world gathered for three days of all things Google and the latest updates in the digital marketing world. LOS ANGELES, July 19, 2018 ( – From July 9 to July…

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Belal Hamideh

Attorney Belal Hamideh: Immigrant Workers Are Protected in California Workers Comp Cases

Many affected people fail to distinguish between federal and state institutions. LOS ANGELES, July 10, 2018 ( – Noted C as a way of following leads towards deporting individuals. “California has the best workers comp programs for employees, and the State has very employee-friendly laws,” said Hamideh. Undocumented workers, like all other citizens, have the ability to collect…

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Health Supplement

Formula168 Announces Wider Retail Distribution of Health Supplement Line

The brand places emphasis on natural ingredients in its supplements and wider product assortment. GLENDALE, Calif., July 10, 2018 ( – Health supplements maker brain supplements that contains a blend of ingredients that are intended to support mental energy and cognition. Atomic Energy is a daily supplement that appeals to the highly-active person. Using organic green coffee bean powder and…

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Southern California Yachting

Southern California Yachting Company Announces Special Pricing for Summer 2018

Southern California Yachting is preparing a special pricing for those looking to rent a luxury yacht this summer. Their fleet covers San Diego, Newport Beach, Marina Del Rey and Los Angeles. LOS ANGELES, July 5, 2018 ( – Summertime is here and people in Southern California are looking for alternatives to their leisurely adventures. Southern California Yachting, feature special…

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Luxury Watch

Luxury Watch Brand to Launch Updated Website

Luxemont Watches brings their online market to the next level with an improved website. LOS ANGELES, July 4, 2018 ( – Wearing a luxury watch can say more about the wearer than their knowledge of the time. luxury watch brand, Luxemont aims to meet the needs of any buyer, monetarily and fashionably. CEO Jonathan Nguyen says, “At Luxemont, our…

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Periodontist in Beverly Hills

Dr. Alex Farnoosh, Cosmetic Dentist & Periodontist in Beverly Hills Introduces a Novel Technique

This new technique combines three surgical treatments to be done in one session. LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2018 ( – Dr. Farnoosh is a world-renown cosmetic dentist and periodontist in Beverly Hills who has numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals. Healthy, pleasant looking gums, beautiful teeth, and proper position of the upper lip are three important elements to…

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Go Waikiki Shuttle

Go Waikiki Shuttle Launches New Online Platform Offering Tours and Activities in Hawaii

The company is a well-known name in the island when it comes to airport shuttles and van services. Now, Go Hawaii Shuttle launches a whole new platform with several tours and activities to the hottest spots in the island. HONOLULU, Hawaii, July 2, 2018 ( – Shuttle service is a common and necessary service in Hawaii….

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