Sam Solakyan the Entrepreneur and Community Leader

Sam Solakyan the Entrepreneur and Community Leader

Sam Solakyan the Entrepreneur and Community Leader

Sam Solakyan began from humble beginnings and effectively characterizes the American dream. He is an original American whose folks chose to move to the US in 1984, advancing the distance from Armenia. They had a fantasy of becoming showbiz royalty in the clamoring city of Los Angeles, them two being maturing artists. Solakyan never felt suspicious of his aspiration to turn into a fruitful business visionary, yet this accompanied bunches of testing times. His guardians worked for extend periods of time to oversee family bolster.

Sam was not left behind in this challenging Endeavor, putting his young foot forward while still exceptionally youthful. He chipped away at house tasks at home resolutely yet likewise guaranteed the stock room of a neighborhood market stayed shining clean. Solakyan additionally honed way to entryway charisma and spared money at whatever point he could, which he at last utilized for acquiring a pager stand that denoted his first speculation. He was only fourteen right now, however pushed on with his entrepreneurial soul, working always while additionally seeking after his college degree that empowered him pony up all required funds.

Solakyan continued moving forward with his vocation and worked with an organization for radiology, which served as an opening into the field which later on would significantly shape his future. Sam propelled his own particular organization in the wake of getting truly captivated by the accomplishments of medicinal innovation. This stride made ready for the 2003 conception of Global Holdings Inc. Sam the framed four extra significant therapeutic firms. They incorporate Global Pharmaceuticals, Vital Medical Services, Paramount Management Services and Vital Imaging.

Sam Solakyan has additionally kept up quest for yet another deep rooted energy, influencing the lives of others inside of the group to improve things as an aftereffect of his entrepreneurial achievement. He has made liberal commitments to various neighborhood associations among them Serve the People and Glendale Healthy Kids. These associations have helped convey free and brought down human services cost for youngsters without obliging protection. Too, it has helped the appropriation of school supplies, sustenance and different essentials to vagrants. Mr. Solakyan has given individual backing required urgently by ruined youth affability of Filipino Children’s Foundation. He likewise remains a vocal Project Save a Child advocate. This basic operation finds and salvages kids constrained into sexual bondage. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has of result in this way lauded Sam for his persistent bolster and supported commitments towards their endeavors.

Sam Solakyan set up Global Holdings at age 21 as a business for medicinal services counseling and showcasing. He has enlisted masters in fields like diagnostics and development and helped doctor’s facilities, medicinal gatherings alongside restorative not-for-profits in adding to their organizations. While doing this, he additionally continued looking for methods for growing his own particular business and immediately bounced in at the chance of getting an imaging focus. Indispensable Imaging Inc, under course of Solakyan, has ascended as one of the biggest MRI administrations supplier inside of California, having 18 imaging focuses. Sam caught up this move by gaining a sum of 13 different backups. He expresses that things have a tendency to happen rapidly if one recognizes the right timing to go about as a business person.

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