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National Plus

Media Distribution
Premium Network Distribution(250+ outlets)
PR Newswire Distribution(1,000s of outlets)
Google news inclusion
Yahoo News!/Yahoo Finance
Business Journals Network
Reuters Network Distribution
Associed Press Distribution
Up to 6 hyperlinks in your press realease*
Add Up to 4 images*
Embed video*
Industry list included
Add Up to 2 aditional files
Autopost to FB and Twitter Accounts
Share PR Preview with Your Team or Clients
Publish notifications via email
2-Tier editorial process from PR Newswire
Traditional reach in State Print,TV and Radio
National reach in Newspappers,TV,Radio and Magazine
Cine Featured image with PR Newswire Add-on Add-on
Expedited Release Processing
Detailed Analytics report
PR Newswire Visibility Report included





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*Writing fee is an additional $150 per press release

Our Press Release pricing is flexible depending on the level of distribution you would like to opt for. Our local distribution goes out to over 100 local TV, newspaper, and radio affiliates.

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