Anaheim Debt Settlement Lawyer

If you’re struggling to pay your debts or looking for a better alternative to bankruptcy, our Anaheim Debt Settlement lawyer can help. At Karadjian and Escobar law office, we will assist you in settling your debt for less so there is no need for you to file bankruptcy.

What is the role of an Anaheim debt settlement lawyer?debt settlement

The lawyer will help you negotiate to lower your debt. A debt settlement, per se, is where your creditor agrees to accept the lowered amount to satisfy an outstanding debt.

Most companies, not all, would settle with a reduced amount. The reason for this is that when a debtor files for bankruptcy, the creditors would receive little or no money from the debtor.

That said, these companies are willing to accept lesser amount so you can pay off the money you owe to them and avoid filing bankruptcy.

Can all debts be settled?

Not all. Most debts that can be settled will include credit card debt, business debt, personal loans, medical bills, and a lot more.

You may qualify for a debt settlement if you have set aside a significant amount of money to each of your creditors. Some debtors would use their retirement account or lifetime savings. Others, however, may need to have a payment plan.

Should you hire a lawyer?

Lawyers can be expensive. It’s true. But they can help you settle your debt while they can ensure that your creditors will abide by the law. If your creditor violates the law, you will have a competent lawyer to seek redress.

By hiring a lawyer, there is no need for you to spend time on your phone talking to your creditors or waste your time in preparing documents or going to court proceedings.

At Kardjian & Escobar law office, our Anaheim debt settlement lawyer is competent to handle negotiations with any type of creditors. Our lawyers work with the rules of professional conduct. When you hire us, you will have the assurance that all matters are handled by an experienced debt settlement lawyer in Anaheim.debt settlement

Is debt settlement the better solution?

If you’re going to meet a debt settlement lawyer, he/she will tell you to go for debt settlement as the better option. On the other hand, if you set up an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney, he/she will convince you to just file bankruptcy.

At Kardjian & Escobar law office, however, we can handle both bankruptcy and debt settlement. We will give you an unbiased opinion.