California Classic Car Dealer Introduces Unique Online Sales Platform That Includes a Consignment Program

California Classic Car Dealer

Using a genuine online marketing method, Sell a Classic Car buys and sells classic and rare vehicles, avoiding the typical hassles of car sales and traditional portals. The company also offers a Consignment Program that represents a time-saving, convenient alternative to the old-fashioned sales approach.

Old, classic cars have a large base of owners and enthusiasts in the USA. And it also happens that many of those owners eventually want to make a profit out of their valuable vehicles. For years, the only way to do that was to use ads in newspapers or specialized magazines, and, eventually, sales portals like eBay. Now, Sell a Classic Car introduces a new platform that makes online classic cars sales an easier, faster process that aims to save car owners many of the common hassles at the moment of selling their rides.

What makes Sell a Classic Car stand out over the other Classic Car Dealers is their ability to either purchase a car immediately for an instant cash sale as is/where is or the possibility to partner with the seller by using a simple and unique-in-the-industry consignment program. Although they work worldwide, they offer special prices for vehicles located on the West Coast of the USA. The company affirms they give “top dollar” and quick payments in cash. This is possible to do with the recent launch of a powerful online platform that can be browsed through with both computers and mobile devices.

“We buy cars in any condition, from barn finds to concours levels.” That’s the first message users see at the Sell a Classic Car website, in which the company states: “We are always looking for primarily rare, unusual or simply honest and original stock of European and American classic cars.” The classic car dealer also purchases American muscle cars, exotic sports cars, luxury coupes, sedans, convertibles, station wagons, trucks and motorcycles. Sell a Classic Car can buy from one single unit to a complete collection. Sell a Classic Car is a California Licensed and Bonded antique car dealer. They work primarily with real car owners and enthusiasts. During the years, they created a network of close associates who are the main providers of their cars.

According to the company’s website, “antique car buyers know they’re purchasing a vehicle with real history. In some cases, we can provide service records and original documentation from the previous owner.” Sell a Classic Car has also a solid reputation for selling cars that are generally rust-free. They also offer the alternative of consignmentThis is another highlight of the car dealer that represents a different approach to the car sale, which features the advantages of major auction companies but without their expenses and drawbacks.

For no fee or expense whatsoever, the Consignment Program allows sellers to consign their vehicle and let the car dealer take care of the necessary steps on the sale. This program also makes selling much easier, as most of the buyers, collectors and enthusiasts who belong to Sell a Classic Car’s network prefer to purchase directly from them. Sell a Classic Car does not charge the typical 10-15 percent fee for the sale; instead, they ask for a fair net price. Once this price is set, the company will pick up the vehicle to evaluate it and take the photographs to begin the marketing process.

Old car sellers around the world can send their information at the Sell a Classic Car website. The dealer will get in touch to make an offer and arrange all the details. Sellers can also call (424) 383-8333 to get in touch directly with Sell a Classic Car and clarify any queries and concerns.

Source: Sell a Classic Car