California Hot Tubs Announces New Hot Tubs for the Southern California Winter

California Hot Tubs

California Hot Tubs Inc., a Santa Monica-based company that offers Jacuzzi hot tubs for sale, has hot tub models that provide benefits for the winter months. Southern California is not an area that experiences snow, but the temperatures do tend to drop steeply in comparison to the other months. This hot tub company believes their hot tubs can provide a range of comfortable options.

Warmth increases the circulation inside the human body. Colder temperatures can lessen this. Circulation can be increased by warm water. This can help to improve blood circulation. Science has shown that peoples’ muscles ache more in colder temperatures, even if those temperatures are a bit less than what they’re used to. Many people use hot tubs to relieve those aches and pains. Hot tubs are often used for stress relief as well.

“I was sneezing, I couldn’t go to work, I could barely get out of bed. I went into my hot tub and … wow. All of a sudden, I felt so much better. I just sat in there, and I felt … calm. It didn’t make my cold disappear exactly, but man I felt so much better. I wish I’d started getting in the hot tub when I was sick years ago,” said James Colmore, a California Hot Tubs customer.

Sometimes, the change in temperatures leads to people in Southern California getting what’s called the common cold. Sitting in a hot tub with the warmer water can clear a person’s sinuses. Studies have been done that show this warm water can help a person’s lungs and chest to relax. No one should ever use a hot tub with a fever, however, as it can lead to dizziness.

For more information about hot tub use in the winter, Jacuzzis for sale or to make a press inquiry, please call (310) 392-3063.

Source: California Hot Tubs

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