Can a Public Relations Specialist Remove Negative Reviews?

Public Relations Specialist

Yes, a public relations specialist can remove negative reviews. In fact, that is how and why some not-so-good movies and video games are able to maintain high scores on certain websites. Even the seemingly legitimate review websites have ways for you to pay to remove negative reviews, which is one of the reasons why people don’t trust reviews so much anymore.

Should You Remove Negative Reviews With a PR Specialist?

In a sense, you probably should if you are looking to fix the problem quickly. For example, there are many times when the delivery service is to blame, and if you are now having your deliveries completed by a good service, then it doesn’t seem fair that you are still being poorly reviewed for a mistake you are no longer making. 

On the other hand, reviews come and go, and if you keep doing a good job, then you will still keep getting good reviews and your reputation will recover. Plus, a PR company is going to charge you a lot of money to remove negative reviews, and it is often not worth all the money you are going to pay. 

Beware of the Scammers

The sad fact is that this scam actually started on poetry websites and forums. You post your poems and people send you tips, but the website owners would strategically place horrible comments and reviews, and then charge you money to have the comments and reviews removed. This is now a common scam with companies. You get a bunch of negative reviews and you are approached by PR companies who say they can remove those reviews for a fee. The only reason they can remove them is that they are the ones who placed them.

What if a PR Company Can’t Remove the Reviews?

It isn’t a bad thing. You would be much better off if you spent your money on spreading good PR rather than trying to erase bad PR. Don’t waste your money on trying to remove and silence negative PR. Instead, spend your money on a campaign that improves your online reputation, or one that rewards people for leaving positive reviews.

Many times, the services of a PR company are not fully explained. These days, PR companies mostly concentrate on getting brand exposure, promoting products, and getting people’s attention on social media. It is all about strategies and interpreting data to achieve the best possible results. It can get expensive, but many times, a PR company will adjust its plans to suit its client’s budgets.

Hire a High Performer

Getting good PR representation services can be expensive, but it is all a matter of how much work needs to be done. If you are looking to re-brand your multinational company, then it is going to cost more money than if you simply wish to improve your exposure online. Hire a public relations specialist if you are having online reputation trouble, or more likely if you are having trouble gaining an online reputation. Get in touch with the Star Media PR Group and discuss your options. You will not be disappointed.