Celebrity Dentist Offers Porcelain Veneers for the Holidays

Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a cosmetic dentist who often treats the smiles of celebrities and famous people, is offering new enhanced Emax and Zirconia porcelain veneers for the holiday season. These dental veneers can brighten a person’s smile from the moment they are placed on and are very durable.

A dental veneer is a thin shell of porcelain customized to beautify a patient’s teeth and smile. An expert dentist knows how to match one’s new smile to the shape of the lip, skin tone, eye color and personality. Dr. Mobasser bonds these custom veneers to the teeth so they become one with the tooth and actually make the teeth stronger with the desired color and shape. Additionally, veneers can alter the alignment of tooth structure and in some instances idealize the function of the bite as well. Veneers placed by Dr. Mobasser have lasted for more than thirty years and are still functioning well in many cases.

His cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles offers different degrees of dental veneers service. He can place veneers for the single front tooth, the four front teeth, or full mouth veneers. Additionally, he offers “smile line veneers.” These veneers cover the teeth that are most often seen when someone smiles. Typically, this is ten veneers.

“Everyone says ‘I’m going to brush my teeth more in the New Year and get them brightened.’ Why wait? Instead of waiting to take care of your teeth, get dental veneers that look great and last a long time now. Then, in a brief period of time, you can start 2019 off right with the best and brightest smile you’ve ever had,” said Mobasser.

Dr. Mobasser has been offering dental veneers in Los Angeles for thirty years, in that time becoming the go-to dentist for veneers. In that time, according to his own records, he has placed more than 10,000 veneers. Primarily, his patients choose this service to get optimal oral health and brighten their smile. Patients have gotten veneers at his cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles practice for bite correction and function as well. Veneers have been proven to strengthen teeth and give the appearance of a more youthful and fuller smile.

Dr. Mobasser is often referred to as the “Celebrity Dentist,” but only some of his patients are considered celebrities. His patients include people from many walks of life and economic backgrounds.

For more information about cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers, or to make a press inquiry, contact Dr. Anthony Mobasser, 9201 Sunset Blvd #618, Los Angeles, CA 90069 or go to https://best.celebritydentist.com.

Source: Celebrity Dentist

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