Claire Vidal’s Famous Red Carpet Insoles Take the Anguish Out of Wearing Those Stylish High Heels

Women everywhere experience pain from wearing high heels for extended periods of time. Red Carpet Paris insoles offers stylish relief.

​​​​​​Claire Vidal of Paris has always had a sixth sense for fashion, particularly shoes.  As a trendy, en vogue individual she’s always had a keen eye for some of the finest, newest fashions in shoes.

But wearing high heels, especially for long periods of time, can get intensely painful.  Before she started her wildly-popular Red Carpet Paris business in 2010, she worked in trade shows in the automotive industry and realized something had to be done about the pain that comes from wearing high heels.  Silicon and latex insoles were simply not the answer.

“I wanted a comfortable insole that would help me feel better all day, but in a beautiful package.  Being from Paris, the design was easy,” said Vidal.

She handcrafted her patented insoles in collaboration with practicing podiatrists.  With the physicians and researchers handling the fine details of the anatomy of a woman’s foot, Vidal focused on a sleek stylish look that will complement the look of the shoe.

Full insoles range between sizes 4 and 11, and there are half insole offerings at her store that are one-size-fits all.

The finished product is a finely-packaged, elegant-looking insole made from Italian leather.  The top of the sole facing the foot has comfortable leather with padding on the heel and ball of the foot.  The top layer is hand-stitched to a special conforming layer that attaches comfortably to the inside of the shoe and doesn’t shift while being worn.  Although they don’t move, the material isn’t adhesive, so they can be easily placed in other shoes.

A who’s who list of celebrities have used the Red Carpet Paris Insoles on big award nights.  Huge names like Michelle Rodriguez and Paris Hilton have all used the insoles as a necessary commodity while on the red carpet.

Her insoles have been featured in Vanity Fair, InStyle Magazine and Oprah Magazine.  The Vanity Fair piece calls the insoles “little miracles” that are favorites among famous actresses who spend many hours on their feet at red carpet events.

Visit to view a stunning gallery of shoes meshing with the Red Carpet Insoles style.  You can also buy your own pair on Vidal’s website online.

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