How to Fix Problems Made by a PR Agency in Los Angeles

PR Agency in Los Angeles

Ideally, you want to find yourself a good, professional, and efficient PR Agency in Los Angeles to help you with your public relations, with your reputation, and with your branding. PR Agencies are very skilled in what they do, but there is always room for things to not go the way you want or expect. But, what do you do when your PR agency doesn’t get it right? What do you do when they create a problem? The answer is obviously varied, but it all depends on the type of mistake they have made. Here are a few examples of measures you can take to reduce or reverse the damage.

They Target The Wrong Audience

This is a classic mistake. An agency may think that marketing is all about shouting at whoever will listen, and such a slapdash approach will always attract the wrong types of attention. If your PR company targeted the wrong audience, you need to power down your marketing for a while until whatever negative press/attitude/shift has died down a little.

When They Anger Your Current Customers

You need to address this problem and bend to what your customers are saying. A great example of this is when the 2020 Sonic movie changed its character model because people hated what they were seeing in the trailers. The company saw their potential customer’s reactions and they spent millions on a re-design that eventually created a well-liked movie.

When They Exacerbate an Already Existing Problem

If you hired a PR company that was made a current problem worse, you either have to agree to their plan to fix things and be confident in them being able to do so, or you go to a different PR agency. There are some storms you can weather, but it needs to be fixed unless you want your reputation permanently tarnished.

When They Send The Wrong Type of Message

This sort of thing happens more these days due to things like Woke activism and virtue signaling. Where statements of this nature may seem like a good idea from a boardroom, people don’t like being told how to live by multi-million dollar corporations. If your PR company makes a similar gaff, delete every trace of it and go on as normal. Those who saw it will forget, and those who didn’t will know.

Get The Right Type of Help

If a PR Agency in Los Angeles is the one who caused the problem, then the last thing you “probably” want to do is hire another PR company to fix the problems caused by the first one. But, the truth is that hiring a different PR company is your best bet for a swift resolution. Think of it this way, if a surgeon messed up your gall bladder removal, surely you would want a different surgeon to come in and fix the problem, wouldn’t you? If you have had a PR problem lately, then get in touch with the Star Media PR Group and discuss possible methods for recovery.