LED Pros Worldwide Now Offers High Temperature LED High Bay Lighting


LED Pros Worldwide, a marketplace for commercial LED lighting fixtures and light poles, now offers high-temperature LED high bay lighting. This particular kind of lighting is specifically for use in both climate regions and industrial applications with high temperatures, up to 80 degrees Celsius (and 176 Fahrenheit).

Companies have used these lighting fixtures in Africa as well throughout Asia. LED Pros Worldwide has sold them to industrial clients in industries that include steel mills, iron forges, foundries, die-cast facilities, paper, and pulp plants, hot mills, chemical plants, and even blast furnaces.

This lighting has been specifically designed to withstand temperature fluctuations that could potentially be too drastic for other forms of lighting.

As of this writing, LED Pros offers seven different kinds of high-temperature LED high bay lighting. These include LED Explosion Proof Lighting, the OHL series by AOK, the HTA series by Arrlux, and the Edge series by E-Lite, among others.

“Working in industrial settings can be complicated, potentially dangerous work. You need the right illumination to be safe and productive. That said, not many forms of lighting can withstand that heat, that environment. That’s where this LED high-temperature high bay lighting comes in. These fixtures can not only withstand the heat, but they can also work for a long time to come. You can count on these lights to get the job done, to make your industrial setting that much safer. Beyond being able to handle those temperatures, these are top-notch LED lights, too. So, you know they’re going to be in it for the long haul. If you aren’t sure which of these lights are right for you, I’m always glad to sit down with you and figure out the right lighting solution,” said Steven Wilson, Founder of LED Pros Worldwide.

In addition to high bay lighting, LED Pros Worldwide also offers commercial and industrial lighting fixtures, poles, and more for a variety of applications, industries, and more.

For more information about construction lights and industrial lighting, or to make a press inquiry, contact LED Pros Worldwide at https://industriallightingfixtures.org/ (844) 533-7767.


Source: LED Pros Worldwide

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