New York Times Article Shows Benefits of Dental Veneers

dental veneers

The ProviDent Dental Group, cosmetic dentistry in Burbank practice, has provided dental veneers to the community for several years. ​A recent article in The New York Times entitled “How Fixing Your Teeth Can Fix Your Face” by Crystal Martin highlighted the way dental veneers can aid in “restorations to repair (a patient’s) tooth shape.”

As the article states: “with orthodontics and restorations, a dentist can often manipulate the size, shape, and arrangement of teeth to subtract years from a face.” Veneers have long been thought of as a way to enhance one’s smile by spacing the teeth out in an organic manner. Now, evidence has shown that the veneers can make a person look younger as well.

The veneers that ProviDent offers are made of porcelain. This porcelain is bonded to the patient’s teeth, in hopes that it will stay there for quite some time. The idea is for the porcelain to match the size, shape and length of the surrounding teeth, in hopes that the veneers give the patient’s smile a uniform look.

“When people think about getting veneers, they only tend to think about their smile. They want to have a great-looking smile; they want teeth that are straight and spaced out properly. However, they don’t realize just how much younger having veneers put in can make them look. Your teeth can change shape as you age, possibly making you look older than you are. Veneers are one way to correct that,” said Dr. Ara Gulesserian, ProviDent Dental Group.

In addition to being known as a cosmetic dentist, the ProviDent Dental Group is also known as a family dental practice that offers Lumineers, dental veneers, crowns, teeth whitening and Invisalign among other services.

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Source: ProviDent Dental Group