Paul Davis Fire Damage and Removal Announces It’s Equipped to Help With Effects of Woolsey Fire

Fire Damage

Paul Davis Emergency Service in Glendale, a fire damage restoration company, announces it is well equipped, staffed, and able to assist with cleanup and restoration for those affected by the devastating Woolsey Fire. Paul Davis in Glendale has mitigated damage to homes for more than forty years.

The recent wildfires have left significant damage in Southern California. Paul Davis has experience with emergency quarantine and structural stabilization work to help homes and properties that may have been damaged. The services they provide for clients include air purification, smoke odor elimination, sanitation and drying out a home or other property. They also assist the property owner in dealings with their insurance provider, in hopes of the property owner receiving as much compensation as possible for the damage.

When they arrive at a property to assess fire damage, Paul Davis follows a set of procedures to mitigate the damage. They section off the more dangerous areas of a building. To combat mildew and mold advancement, they expel water to begin the drying process as soon as possible.

“The time right after a fire damages a property are critical towards making sure that the property can be fully restored. We’re available 24/7/365, so we can get there as soon as possible. We’ll go over everything that needs to be done and then give you a real, honest quote. From there, we can get to work fast,” said Paul Davis, CEO and Founder of Paul Davis Emergency Services.

For more information, about black mold removalwater damage restoration, the recent wildfires, or to make a press inquiry, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services of Glendale 91021 Grandview Ave., suite a, Glendale, CA 91201. They can be reached at (818) 574-1444.

Source: Paul Davis