Reduction of L.A. Traffic Can Lead to Increased Highway Speeds, Accidents: Accident Attorney Belal Hamideh

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LONG BEACH, Calif., April 7, 2020 ( – Belal Hamideh, a personal injury attorney in Long Beach, warns that Southern California highways are still dangerous, even though many people are staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Research has shown that the highway driving speeds in Los Angeles are significantly up during this time. 

INRIX, a traffic analytics firm that collects data from cell phones, vehicle navigation systems and similar technology, says that Los Angeles highway traffic speeds are “53 percent higher.” This is in comparison to what they would be on a typical day before the pandemic. 

Studies have shown that, typically, driving at faster speeds on highways can lead to increased odds of a vehicular accident. While many Californians are staying home as much as possible and working from home, others must head out for work, to get food and other essential tasks. 

“Social distancing and staying home is important, but it’s also important to go outside occasionally to get some sun, exercise, and so forth. As there’s so much less traffic than you’re used to, you might feel compelled to speed on a major highway. However, that lack of traffic can lead to dangerous situations. Obeying all traffic laws is important, whether you’re bumper to bumper, the only person on the highway, or anything in between. As we’re all in this together, doing what we can to stop the pandemic, that extends to driving on the highways, too,” said Belal Hamideh. 

In addition to personal injury law, Belal Hamideh is also a workers’ comp attorney in Long Beach. 

belal hamideh law

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