Sayan Chaga Announces ‘King of Herbs’ Summer Campaign as Best Health Food for the Summer

Sayan Chaga

Boasting the tagline of “King of Herbs,” Sayan Chaga is announcing a new campaign to bring awareness to commonly-overlooked health benefits that come with the Chaga mushroom superfood. With a mission of bringing more people to get the benefits from the Siberian mushrooms, Sayan Chaga is complementing their 2018 campaign with more products than ever on their online store. In addition to energy boosts, these mushrooms have “beneficial properties for human health” that include anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits, according to a Kyunghee University study.

According to research from the Institute of Agricultural Medicine in Lublin, Poland, Chaga mushrooms have been attributed towards “elicited anticancer effects” that include decreased tumor cell proliferation and decrease in tumor size.

These mushrooms have been raised and cultivated in Siberia for centuries. Given the cold and remote conditions in which they grew, it was often very difficult to have a wide distribution of this versatile health food. Now, they’re readily available in the U.S. through the ease of use of the Sayan Chaga website. Today, thesemushrooms can be mailed to a person’s home in a matter of days.

Free radicals are just one of the many things that can harm and weaken a person’s body. These mushrooms can help any tissues that have been damaged by free radicals. On top of that, they help body cells to recover, so that they can keep the free radicals from causing damage in the future.

The nicknames “Gift from God” and “King of Herbs” weren’t given to Chaga mushrooms ironically. The ancients discovered that these mushrooms could help a person’s life in many different ways. Only the most premium Chaga products are good enough for Sayan. They have to go through rigorous testing to even be considered qualified to be sold.

Siberia is one of the hardest places to live in the world. Almost always cold, high in the air, it’s frigid and inhospitable essentially year round. These mushrooms have helped people to live and thrive in that incredibly harsh environment for centuries.

The Chaga mushrooms that are considered “the best” are exclusively grown on live tree barks in Siberia. That’s because they have so many antioxidants. The biting cold causes the metabolites on the Chaga (where the important elements are) to grow stronger. The mushroom grows strongest in a severe harsh climate.

One thing Chaga mushrooms excel at is working to give anyone who eats them a youthful look. That can come in handy during the summer as well as any other time of year. Sayan offers Chaga in many different ways: Chaga extract, capsules, powders, gum, Chaga tea and more. To learn more about these mushrooms, contact Sayan at 800-780-0994 or through their website.

Source: Sayan Chaga