Scope Environmental Provides COVID-19 Cleanup and Disinfection

scope environmental remediation

Can Make Offices, Stores, Homes, and Other Locations SaferPRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: APR 6, 2020

scope environmental remediation

Los Angeles, April 6, 2020 ( – Scope Environmental, an environmental cleanup company, has established a four-step remediation protocol to protect customers from COVID-19. Based on current EPA and CDC guidelines, they are able to clean, apply EPA-registered biocides, and disinfect structure interiors from airborne pathogens. 

The first step of the process involves isolating and containing the environment in question. After the construction of barriers that close off windows, doors, HVAC registers and the like, a staging area and clean room are constructed to ensure all personnel enter and exit safely with no risk of cross-contamination. 

When performing the cleaning and disinfection, all personnel will be outfitted in EPA and CDC-advised protective personal equipment. Hazmat suits, gloves, protective face mask respirators with filtrations, shoe protection and more are just some examples. Negative pressure air purifier machines are placed in specific structure locations to create a wind tunnel, which intakes any airborne spores. 

“Scope Environmental’s approach to COVID-19 cleanup and sanitization includes cleaning, disinfecting, and properly disposing of all infected materials as biohazard waste. Additional facets of the approach include performing high-energy, specialized ultraviolet hydroxyl photochemistry, just like the action of the sun, that is proven to be 99.99% effective against pathogens and is approved by the FDA as well as a wipe down with CDC and EPA approved chemicals to disinfect against enveloped viruses, all while adhering to a stringent coronavirus safety process for all equipment, vehicles, and waste storage areas. As always, we make sure to preserve the confidentiality of all of our clients and projects. While no known method at this time can guarantee absolute results, these actions can significantly decrease the number of pathogens in a given space or structure. We are diligent and thorough because we understand the health and safety of you, your staff, and customers are on the line. That’s why we stand by our work with a  customer satisfaction guarantee,” said Gene Kucherov of Scope Environmental. 

Scope Environmental has performed these environmental remediation services for offices, stores, dealerships, showrooms, open lounges, manufacturers and others. 

For more information about protecting your environment from COVID-19, biohazard remediation, or to make a press inquiry, contact Scope Environmental at (888) 504-5525. 

Source: Scope Environmental