SEO Academy Announces ‘Crash Course’ Training Seminar From Experts in SEO

SEO Academy

SEO Academy, a company that offers seminars on search engine optimization and internet marketing, announced a one-day seminar “crash course.” Their goal in this course is to teach students trends in online marketing as well as SEO strategies that the SEO Academy has used.

Danny Star, SEO Academy founder and certified Google Partners representative, joins with other SEO professionals in teaching content marketing and strategy. They will explain tactics and techniques they have used in their business careers. This seminar will also include methods they have used to boost a company’s online reputation in addition to social media strategies that lead to engagement. Before the day is through, students will be taught how to build links with the aim of increasing a website’s traffic and visibility.

“The only way to get your website in front of the people who have to see it is through SEO. These are the strategies that will lead a website, and really a company, to sink or swim online. This course will give you steps you can use today, the moment you walk out of the class, to start an SEO campaign that’s actually successful for your business growth,” said Danny Star, founder of SEO Academy.

They designed the class for people who know what SEO is but perhaps are not that familiar with utilizing it for the purposes of business. The class is for anyone who wants to learn SEO from experts who make their living in search engine optimization. After the class, all of the students will receive certification saying they completed the course.

SEO Course Training by SEO Academy

Date: Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018

Location: 4343 Sunset Blvd., Suite 204, Los Angeles, CA 90029 (map)

Time: 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. / 9 a.m. Meet & Greet / 12 p.m. Lunch

For more information about SEO training, how SEO affects business or for a press inquiry, contact (323) 407-6675.

Source: SEO Academy