The FlexTrack Introduces Their New Straight Curtain Track

straight curtain track

The curtain track company adds straight curtain tracks to their already ample catalog of products. This new addition comes a long with a revamp of their online sales platform.

The FlexTrack has recently introduced a new product: straight curtain trackThis is a type of track that is widely used in the industry. However, The FlexTrack gives these tracks a particular treatment, as they feature Japanese technology, two different variations and some other traits that set them above the regular quality.

These straight curtain tracks provided by The FlexTrack are made with aluminum and are also bendable. Each curtain track is colored white. They are 6.6′ long and can be jointed to indefinite length. They are offered in two different options, Selfie Straight Track and Super Selfie Straight Track, which vary in strength and weight they can carry. Users can purchase them individually in a minimum 3 pieces order.

Introduced in 2005 to US market, The FlexTrack is a brand that specializes in ceiling curtains, round curtain rods, flexible curtain tracks and many other types of curtain tracks for home areas like the bathroom, bedrooms or curved windows. Customers from all over the USA and around the world buy these products at The FlexTrack online store.

Straight curtain tracks are one of the newest additions in an already wide catalog of products The FlexTrack provides. This addition comes along with a full revamp of The FlexTrack’s website The company invested in an important update on their online platform that includes a faster page load and the implementation of the powerful eCommerce plugin Woocommerce, which according to FlexTrack sales representative “makes the whole purchase experience faster and easier.”

People looking for a new curtain track system, ceiling tracks, straight curtain tracks or any other products at The FlexTrack can pay using a credit card or Paypal. The brand is widely known on popular sites like Amazon, and now they intend to go to the next level with their own, optimized platform.

Visit The FlexTrack at or call (714) 865-7799 for additional information or press inquiries. The FlexTrack is located at 13337 South Street, #338 Cerritos, CA 90703 U.S.A.

Source: The FlexTrack

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