Worker’s Compensation Attorney Belal Hamideh Details Key Information Workers Injured on the Job

Belal Hamideh

The L.A.-based workers comp attorney said that employers’ doctors and insurance companies aren’t always looking out for workers’ interests.

Worker’s compensation attorney Belal Hamideh said that workers’ rights are all-too-often neglected when a workplace injury occurs.  In many instances– an employee is not made fully aware of the process or the options available to them should they become injured on the job and/or be forced to take time away from work.


“You will receive more worker’s compensation benefits if everything is done properly throughout the entire case,” said Hamideh.

“It’s important to know that what to do at the beginning will affect how much your case is worth at the end,”



Within 24 hours of the accident, an employer should provide a worker with a claim form.  Employers are required to refer claimants to a medical provider of the employee’s choice.  Often the case, employers refer workers to doctors who are often in the business of protecting the employer’s financial interests.

Special emphasis should be placed on injuries such as spinal damage that happen over time.  They are referred to cumulative trauma or repetitive strain injuries.  These are common in warehouse, shipping and agricultural occupations.  However, labor extensive occupations are not exempt.  Office settings experience numerous cases of carpal tunnel.

“If you work somewhere for a period of time, and one of your body parts is hurting, it can be partly caused by your work duties.  If this is the case, you have a valid worker’s compensation case,” said Hamideh.

Hamideh stressed how important it is for worker people not to navigate the waters of workers compensation claims on their own without proper representation.  There are a number of forces working against a claimant that are often neglected.  Employers, insurance companies and some medical providers commonly take steps to mitigate their costs for their own protection– at the expense of the claimants.

“You can switch your treating doctor twice if you don’t agree with the final evaluation,” said Hamideh, “Then you can seek the opinion from a neutral doctor.”

Claimants who are unsure how to proceed, or how to approach their employer or assigned insurance company, should call a knowledgeable worker’s compensation attorney. In California, Hamideh has worked on worker’s compensation cases in all stages of claims.

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Source: Belal Hamideh