Breaking the Stigma Around Mental Health: Iris Healing Center Opens Mental Health Track

Mental Health

The topic of mental health has been more or less taboo across most industries, but today, Iris Healing Center is taking a step in the right direction. The newly established Mental Health track has opened its doors at Iris Healing Center.

Mental health struggles plague millions around the world and the numbers of those battling such issues are steadily rising. The new Mental Health track at Iris Healing Center accepts clients who only wish to focus on mental health matters with no substance abuse issues. By utilizing powerful, leading-edge clinical modalities, like neurofeedback, somatic experience, psychoeducation, CBT, DBT and addressing family systems, Iris offers a full continuum of support for clients battling issues like depression, PTSD and various personality disorders. The doctoral-level clinical team facilitates a custom program that specializes in trauma resolution.

Now, more so than ever, it is vital to destigmatize the conversation around mental health. Iris is committed to addressing the negative stigma that remains on the front lines of discourse. As more and more celebrities and public figures speak out about mental health, a national conversation has begun. Pop star Ariana Grande made headlines when she opened up about her battles with anxiety and PTSD following the bombing at her Manchester, U.K., concert. Similarly, young fans felt inspired to open up about their own issues after singer Selena Gomez entered treatment for depression and anxiety earlier this year and publicly spoke about her struggles.

“The shameful association around mental health serves as one of the greatest roadblocks to healing. Changing the conversation and making mental health treatment accessible to the masses is the first step to addressing this national epidemic. While mental health issues are rampant across all industries, our first responder and veteran communities often are the most vulnerable and silently suffer the most. At Iris, we are involved with multiple organizations that offer support to our local heroes and often scholarship veterans and first responders. Personally and professionally, I am committed to mental health advocacy and am grateful we can provide life-changing resources here at Iris,” says Dr. Elena Kapustina, CEO and founder of Iris Healing Retreat.

Education and spreading awareness are key components in Iris’ mental health mission. Each month, several workshops are offered to the community at either no cost or at reasonable prices.

For more information on events that are hosted at the healing retreat centers at Iris Healing that are open to the public, please follow Iris Healing Retreat on Facebook and visit or call (818) 436-2646.

Source: Iris Healing Retreat