emotionally focused therapy

Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy: Recent Studies Show Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Fosters Lasting Changes in Relationships

LOS ANGELES, July 23, 2019 (Newswire.com) – Grazel Garcia is a Emotionally Focused Therapy.” Recent studies have shown that this modality can “help couples foster lasting change in relationship satisfaction through the facilitation of secure attachment bonds.” EFT Therapy, I’ve helped so many couples to become aware of their negative interactional cycles, which then trigger negative responses…

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trauma and beyond psychological center

Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center Announces the Addition of Rabbi Dr. Arielle Hanien

Along with providing assessments for our patients, Dr Hanien will facilitate spirituality groups for the Intensive Outpatient and Partial/Day Treatment Programs. LOS ANGELES, June 5, 2019 (Newswire.com) –  and Beyond Psychological Center in Sherman Oaks, CA is pleased to announce the addition of  Rabbi Dr. Arielle Hanien, PsyD, SEP to their team of trauma experts. Along with providing…

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burbank dentist

Burbank Dentist’s Emergency Answering Now Available 24 Hours a Day

BURBANK, Calif., May 30, 2019 (Newswire.com) – The ProviDent Dental Group, a  emergency dentist phone service, the ProviDent Dental Group now has the ability to assist patients in setting up an appointment as quickly as possible. This service was specifically designed to be able to provide care to patients in hopes of reducing any particular trauma, swelling or…

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laser hair removal

Divante Laser MedSpa Upgrades Laser Hair Removal Facilities

STUDIO CITY, Calif., May 28, 2019 (Newswire.com) – Divante Laser MedSpa, a facility that offers laser skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and other services in Los Angeles, recently upgraded their laser hair removal capabilities. Now, Divante has even higher quality lasers to use for hair removal as well as other skin procedures. Divante has acquired a dual platform…

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venice beach surgical center

As Temperatures Rise, miraDry From the Venice Beach Surgical Center Eliminates Unwanted Sweat Glands

LOS ANGELES, May 28, 2019 (Newswire.com) – The Venice Beach Surgical Center, a noted clinic for miraDry treatment. The inventors of this unique treatment claim that this will be a permanent solution for underarm sweat with little-to-no downtime. The miraDry in Los Angeles. This is billed as a permanent solution, as the sweat glands do not grow back. As it only targets…

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insight treatment

Insight Treatment Cites Recent Studies Showing Teens and Young Adults Have Higher Prevalence of Mental Illness

PASADENA, Calif., May 23, 2019 (Newswire.com) – The Insight Treatment Center, NIH, the National Institute of Mental Health, learned that one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness, 46.6 million people in total. However, that number was highest among people between the ages of 18 to 25. They accounted for 25.8% of all Americans who…

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grazel garcia

Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy Cites Recent Studies Showing Emotionally Focused Therapy Fosters Lasting Changes in Relationships

LOS ANGELES, May 16, 2019 (Newswire.com) – Grazel Garcia is a EFT therapy. “EFT” stands for “The study was published in “JMFT,” the “Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.” Measuring 32 couples, it tracked their relationships over the course of two years. To make sure that it took EFT thoroughly into account, the couples received, on average, 21 EFT…

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trauma and beyond center

Trauma and Beyond Center Will Be Honoring Mental Health Awareness Month by Hosting an Open House Event

Los Angeles trauma treatment center will host the open house for health care professionals on Friday, May 10th. The mental health awareness month will be partly dedicated to lessen the stigma associated with mental health disorders. LOS ANGELES, May 8, 2019 (Newswire.com) – Trauma and Beyond Center will be honoring psychological problems. When infants or children experience …

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vogue recovery center

Vogue Recovery Center Adds Sub-Acute Level Detox and Intensive Outpatient Facility in Arizona

PHOENIX, February 11, 2019 (Newswire.com) – private rehab treatment.  “With these new additions, Vogue Recovery Centers will help more people than ever before. Our detoxification services make certain that we can treat those at our facility who are in the greatest need of constant medical care. With the intensive outpatient facility, we can help our clients take another…

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insight treatment programs

Insight Treatment Programs Introduces Frederik Schulin and Katie Gregory as Managing Partners

PASADENA, Calif., January 31, 2019 (Newswire.com) – Insight Treatment Programs, a leading teen group therapy will be extended as the programs continue to grow. “We are grateful for Anthony’s vision and creativity in building this program.  Anthony has supported thousands of teens and families over the years, and his legacy will carry on as he turns his focus on…

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