Burbank Dentist Now Accepting ‘Back to School’ Dental Appointments

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​The ProviDent Dental Group, a family dentistry practice, has begun accepting appointments for “back to school” dental visits. Experts recommend that children get a dental checkup before the school year begins.

The American Dental Association states that “a back-to-school checkup is key in fighting the most common chronic disease found in school-age children: cavities. In fact, dental disease causes children to miss more than 51 million school hours each year.”

For years, the ProviDent Dental Group has offered family dentistry in Burbank services. When children arrive, the dental group has Netflix, toys, and other ways of keeping children occupied during their procedures. Dental professionals provide education to parents on how to best aid their children’s dental health.

“This time of year, no one wants to think about going back to school, but it’s coming. Some schools ask for all students to have a back to school dental visit, but even if yours doesn’t, it’s a good idea. No matter your child’s age, it’s never too early or too late for them to develop healthy habits which will aid them over the course of their life. Here at the Burbank Dentist, we take pride in our family dentistry, as we’ve helped kids grow into adults with great dental habits for several years,” said Dr. Ara Gulesserian of ProviDent Dental Group.

The ProviDent Dental Group also offers teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and other cosmetic dentistry services.

For more information about oral care for children, back to school dental visits, or to make a press inquiry, contact the ProviDent Dental Group 539 N Glenoaks Blvd. Suite 102 Burbank, CA 91502 (818) 960-7600 or visit https://www.burbankdentist.com.

Source: Burbank Dentist