Digital Marketing Expert Danny Star Releases New Book as He Begins National Speaking Tour

danny star

 Danny Star, Digital Marketing Expert and SEO Guru, has released the second edition of his book ahead of his national speaking tour, with stops in San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Austin. The workshops and seminars will be part of the Small Business Expo, which holds expos in 17 cities each year.

Tickets to each of the expos, including the seminars, are free of charge with an online RSVP. Star will also have on hand discounted and free editions of his newly released book, “Vision 20/20, The Secrets of Digital Marketing and Its Role in Growing Your Business,” which is the second edition to “Digital Marketing 2020“. The book is an overview guide to all of the current methods being commonly put into practice in major digital marketing campaigns. The book is currently rated five stars on Amazon Books. Ahead of each speaking engagement, the book will be discounted significantly on Amazon.

“It has always been my goal to share this knowledge that I have attained over the years with people who can use it most,” said Star. “The fact that it is now finished in time for the Small Business Expo’s shows that the stars are aligned for people to get some really valuable information from all of this.”

Mr. Star’s first workshop and seminar take place on August 22 in the Hibernia Bank Building in Downtown San Francisco. His workshop begins at 10:30 a.m. in Room 3. According to the agenda, key aspects of the workshop will cover getting in a creative mindset for generating appeal, identifying the methods that work best for each business, learning social marketing and forming a strategy specific to a business’ goals.

Other scheduled seminars/workshops with Mr. Star are scheduled for San Diego on September 27, Phoenix on October 24, Los Angeles on October 30, Brooklyn on November 20, and Austin on December 17. The exact times of the workshops are yet to be published on the Small Business Expo’s website.

The Small Business Expo trade shows are highly attended in major cities and are specifically tailored towards small business owners, managers and aspiring digital marketers.

Star is a thriving entrepreneur as the founder of the web agency Websites Depot, a Los Angeles digital marketing agency and web design group consisting of SEO experts, business consultants, web developers, advertising executives and social media experts. The team he heads will likely be present at the upcoming Small Business Expo events as exhibitors.

For more information on the speaking tour or to make a press inquiry, please contact Website Depot 3402 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039, or call (213) 332-9255.

Source: Website Depot Inc.