Temperatures to Exceed 100 Degrees Every Single Day in August, Air Pro Master Warns

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Everyday but One Sets a New High Temperature

In light of expected record heat that has hit the Las Vegas Valley in Summer 2019, Air Pro Master, an AC repair Las Vegas company, is now offering 24/7/365 services all year long. Along with record-breaking temperatures, every day is expected to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to Accuweather, the high temperature of every day in August will not only exceed one hundred degrees but every day but one will set a new record high. The only day that is not expected to do so, Saturday, Aug. 10, is believed to have a high temperature of 102 degrees. That’s one degree lower than the all-time high, 103 degrees. Every other day sets a new all-time high temperature for that day in Las Vegas history.

The temperature will rarely cool off at night, as the lowest temperature is expected to be 75 degrees. However, that won’t occur until Aug. 29. High temperatures have been linked to many health problems, including heatstroke. Air conditioning, as it lowers a room’s temperature, can help to prevent heatstroke.

“Here in Vegas, it’s never been this hot before in August. That may not sound true, but if the temperatures get as high as the experts think they will, it’s going to be a scorcher. No one should have to sit around in that heat. Not only is it miserable, but it’s also a genuine health hazard. We can fix your air conditioning at any time, day or night so that you’ll be happy and healthy no matter how hot it gets,” said Sales Manager Ed Barrera of Air Pro Master.

Beyond providing Air conditioning repair and services, Air Pro Master also offers plumbing service as well.

For more information about air conditioning repair, staying cool in the Vegas heat, or to make a press inquiry, contact Air Pro Master, 2139 Industrial Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102 or call (702) 965-5622 or visit their site https://airpromaster.com.

Source: Air Pro Master