California Deluxe Windows Announces Holiday Special: 1/3 Off The Entire Job

California Deluxe

California Deluxe Windows, a company that designs, manufactures, and installs doors, replacement windows, and many other products, recently announced a holiday special. From now until 12/31/21, California Deluxe Windows is offering ⅓ (33%) off of “the entire job.”

In this context, “the entire job” means everything related to a particular order. Whether a client wants their windows replaced, new windows installed, their sliding patio doors to be upgraded, or any other services that the company provides, customers will receive ⅓ off of the total price.

All of these services, as with everything that California Deluxe Windows does, are backed by their lifetime “no-fine-print” warranty. To the company, “no-fine-print” means that it is a true “lifetime” warranty that they will honor whenever the client chooses.

“The holidays are a special time of year when folks reflect on the past while looking towards the future. We’ve found that, around this time, many people think about ways that they could improve their property, a New Year’s resolution to make their home look and feel exactly how they want. That’s just one of the reasons that we offer our ‘Holiday Special.’ With this, more people than ever will be able to get the exact windows and doors that they want. So many have been putting off necessary home improvements that could really aid their quality of life. This gives them an opportunity to make those dreams a reality. As with all of our windows, these will be custom-fit to your home’s measurements so that they can be, quite literally, a perfect fit,” said Noam Hasman, Marketing Executive at California Deluxe Windows.

The company offers replacement windows and more throughout the Southern California area, from San Diego to Santa Barbara. They can be contacted through their website or you can travel to their showrooms in Chatsworth and Anaheim respectively.

For more information about replacing your windows, installing new doors, or to make a press inquiry, contact California Deluxe Windows at (800) 639-9463.

California Deluxe

Source: California Deluxe Windows