Can a Public Relations Specialist Fix My Negative Online Reviews?

public relations specialist

A public relations specialist cannot fix your negative online reviews. However, there are a few things that some specialist PR companies can do. Do not fall for the hype or buzz that circles around some PR companies because ironically, creating buzz and hype is their job. Instead, this article is going to cover some of the things that professional services like Star Media PR Group can do to help you fix your negative online reviews problem.

Identify and Reverse Online Attacks

Let’s say that somebody has a vendetta against you, so they pay several Middle Eastern freelancers to post negative reviews about your company on Google. In this case, a company like Star Media could make a case to Google to have those reviews removed. This is not something everybody can do because Google doesn’t offer a take-down service for reviews. However, if Star Media can prove that the reviews were spammed, then Google may take them down.

Google may take down the reviews if they were posted within a few hours of each other when all other reviews were posted over days or months. They may agree to take them down if they all originate from the same computers or from a single location that is not where the business is located. Google may also agree to a petition for removal if the reviews have salty language or encourage people to do bad things like encouraging them to throw eggs at your store.

Manage Negative Social Media Attention

This is a tricky one, but it can be done by selectively deleting some posts and re-posting them, and by counter-spamming the negative comments or attention with positive attention. This sometimes involves buying likes or comments from click mills, but this is sometimes necessary to counter certain hate campaigns. Turning off the comments and likes is often a bad idea when it is far easy to delete the post and re-post it. If your enemies are buying negative likes or negative comments, then they will have to buy them again to re-spam your content.

Positive Review Spamming

Though Star Media doesn’t engage in the purchase of positive likes or comments, you should know that they can be used to counter negative reviews. WordPress plugin developers do this sort of thing all the time. They buy downloaders so that it looks like their plugin has been downloaded 10K times, and they buy positive comments and reviews so that their star rating goes up. This sort of thing can be done anywhere, from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to Rotten Tomatoes.

Beware of The Reviews Scam

This is where a publicity company will actually post a bunch of negative reviews about your company and then offer to help you fix your negative online reputation. When you buy their services, they remove the negative reviews and it looks as if they have done a great job. Be very careful who you get quotes off for your PR services because scammers use your inquiries as an invitation to start the scam.

Rather than putting your business and your brand at risk, get in touch with Star Media PR Group and use their public relations specialist to start rebuilding and fixing up your online reputation.