Teach Your Staff Sensible Public Relations Strategies

Public Relations Strategies

You have probably seen plenty of public relations strategies online. You have seen them on Rumble and YouTube videos, you have seen them in articles and you have read them in online courses. Most business owners and entrepreneurs are aware of various public relations strategies, but few think about teaching them to their staff. Yet,…

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What Can a Public Relations Specialist Do For Me?

Public Relations Specialist

A Public Relations Specialist is somebody who knows a lot about public relations, which means you can use one for consultations, to devise plans, enact plans, and so forth. Here are just a few things that a PR specialist can do for you. Handle Complaints A PR specialist is able to work with the people…

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Can a Public Relations Specialist Fix My Negative Online Reviews?

public relations specialist

A public relations specialist cannot fix your negative online reviews. However, there are a few things that some specialist PR companies can do. Do not fall for the hype or buzz that circles around some PR companies because ironically, creating buzz and hype is their job. Instead, this article is going to cover some of…

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Do Public Relations Specialists Help You Handle Online Hate Campaigns

public relations specialists

A public relations specialist can help you handle an online hate campaign. An online hate campaign is typically when Facebook groups get together and decide to target one person or another. Typically, the people doing this wake activist or social justice warriors. They can target you for any reason, from you not having enough black…

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