Teach Your Staff Sensible Public Relations Strategies

Public Relations Strategies

You have probably seen plenty of public relations strategies online. You have seen them on Rumble and YouTube videos, you have seen them in articles and you have read them in online courses. Most business owners and entrepreneurs are aware of various public relations strategies, but few think about teaching them to their staff. Yet, your staff is a walking ambassador for your brand. They wear uniforms, they act in a certain way, and they do certain things because they are representing your brand. You should be teaching them various public relations strategies so that they are better prepared for the online and offline versions of your industry.

Social Trends

They say to keep politics out of business, but now there is something else happening, as can be people with wild ideas and low levels of self-restraint who are running around the Internet saying lots of things that will damage your brand. Staying current with every social wave that starts abruptly and dies just as soon as something else comes along, can be tricky. Yet, the damage caused to brands is not so easily forgotten. 

You can teach your staff that they shouldn’t be taking sides unless it is taking sides with your company and brand. Teach them that some social justice causes are seen as trends and that they will soon be replaced by the next trends. What’s more, they should be careful what they say online and offline because trends can turn on a dime. Nobody saw certain changes in the construct of society coming, and since you cannot guard against these things, your staff needs to stay aware of the unexpected depths of each. Certain customers are sometimes turned off by their favorite company staying on top of every trend that pops up, even if there is a political stance behind it. 

Teach Your Staff Not To Argue

Perhaps one of the best PR lessons to teach your staff is to not argue with each other and with customers. They need to learn the difference between “Not Arguing” and “Agreeing.” Just because you don’t argue back doesn’t mean you agree.

Instead of arguing, teach your staff how to divert a complaint into action. When a customer complains that something doesn’t work because your brand is awful, have them say, “Let’s get that fixed for you right away.”

Teach your staff not to say sorry. Instead of saying sorry, they offer the next step of action. By doing this, they disarm the angry person. If you come to somebody with a complaint and they start taking action on that complaint, it is hard to argue with them.

How Much Should You Teach?

It isn’t about putting all your staff through a college course on PR. Instead, take a few public relations strategies meetings with STAR MEDIA PR GROUP and work out with them (and for yourself), which lessons should be taught to your staff. Your janitor may not need to know how to negotiate board meetings with international agents but could probably use a few lessons on how to handle people who wander into the wrong area and/or people who are causing trouble on location. Use your best judgment as you pick and choose the lessons you teach.