Do Public Relations Specialists Help You Handle Online Hate Campaigns

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A public relations specialist can help you handle an online hate campaign. An online hate campaign is typically when Facebook groups get together and decide to target one person or another. Typically, the people doing this wake activist or social justice warriors.

They can target you for any reason, from you not having enough black people in your ads to you mentioning that you eat meat in one of your tweets. No matter what the problem is, a public relations expert can help set things right.

Forget Removing Negative Feedbacks

A common trick for Facebook groups is to go over on mass to review websites and leave negative reviews of your company. They may be placed anywhere that your brand is present, from Google My Business to things like WordPress plugin reviews, product reviews, the BBB, and so forth.

A good PR company can sometimes get the ones on Google and YouTube removed if they are shown to be spammed, such as if you suddenly receive a spike of negative reviews without any justifiable cause. However, in most cases, a PR company will undertake positive actions rather than trying to remove negative mentions of you from the Internet.

Public Relations Specialists Add Positive Reviews

Forget trying to repair the damage. Forget issuing statements trying to deny things or apologize because of this only fans for flames of hatred. In most cases, the first people ever hear of a problem is when the ones being targeted are dumb enough to start apologizing for it.

Instead, a PR company will start issuing positive reviews online. They will start adding guest posts about your finer features, and they will stick to a script that ignores whatever problems are apparently plaguing you online. By shifting focus and attention, most problems that are caused by other people are buried. Even when things look bad on social media, don’t forget that news moves very quickly, and in just a few days, the hate campaign will be a forgotten memory.

When The Fire Starter Puts Out the Fire

Do beware of the scam where you seem to receive a lot of negative reviews, and then as if out of the blue, you receive invitations to a PR company that claims they can clean up your online reputation. It is a common trick where the people contacting you are the ones who put the negative reviews up in the first place.

Handling PR With a Tempered Approach

If you spend long enough in public relations, you learn that the best response is no response at all. Try to keep in mind that you will always have your critics, be they fair or unfair, and you are a fool to yourself if you take them all to heart.

Quite often, hate campaigns are led by very lonely people, and more often than not are led by children. In most cases, you can ride out a hate campaign and repair any damage as time goes on.

However, if things are getting a little heated and you are becoming increasingly worried, then get in touch with Star Media PR Group and find out what they can do to cool the steaming fires of your online heat.