Can a PR Agency in Los Angeles Help Me With My Press Release

PR agency in Los Angeles

We all know that your average press release isn’t the powerful tool it used to be. Online articles about the SEO power of press releases turned them from serious news items into an online litter. They now blow around the internet with hardly anybody taking notice of them. However, with the careful use of a PR agency in Los Angeles, you can drive some traffic and some attention with your press release.

The Right Message to the Right People

You need to be plugged into the correct community in order to get your message heard and repeated. A good example of this is the AAA game development industry. They have press releases that are farmed out to the major platforms like Steam, Google Play, GOG, Sony Playstation, and Nintendo. These platforms mean that everybody in the industry gets a look at their press release and it is taken seriously. This is an example of a perfectly working and very smooth PR press release system.

The problem is that very few other press release networks work as well. Even former president Donald Trump took to Twitter to get his message out because other mediums of information dissemination are just too unreliable. What you need is a PR company that knows where to publish your information so that it gets out to the right people.

Staying Clear of Click Bait and Hot Takes

The spammy nature of the press releases is one of the many reasons why press releases are not as powerful as they used to be. As a result, you need to stay as far away from the negative sides as possible. This means that sensational content needs to be avoided. It means you need to steer clear of clickbait because people can recognize it and will instantly ignore it. Also, hot takes are typically ignored too because people have heard it all before.

You need to keep things factual, concise, and relevant. Even if you have just invented a rewinder for VHS tapes that cuts rewind times in half, it just isn’t relevant and so isn’t worth issuing a press release over. This is perhaps one of the trickier parts of press releases because there are probably plenty of things you find interesting that are just not engaging for your audience.

Where Do I Find The Right Help

If you are looking for a PR agency in Los Angeles, then look no further than the STAR MEDIA PR GROUP. In this day and age, a PR agency can be a star-studded team of seasoned experts, or it can be a kid in their bedroom who happens to be good at online marketing. It is difficult finding the right type of help, but that is where Star Media comes into its own. Not only is the team well respected, but the company has been around for twenty years, and as you know, PR companies don’t last long unless they are doing something right. Get in touch today and find out how to draw more attention to your press release and get more publicity without resorting to hot takes or click bait.

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