Which Public Relations Strategies Still Work For Retail Companies?

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Virtue signaling has been pretty popular since the Obama years, but the “Go Woke, Go Broke” effect seems to be set in stone at this stage. Taking any sort of adversarial stance also doesn’t work, though it is unclear why anybody ever thought it would and why so many companies have gone in that direction. Are there any public relations strategies that still work? Are there any stances that companies should still be making?

The Eco-Green Stance Still Has a Dedicated Following

If you take the tact that you are doing what is best for the earth, rather than virtue signaling, then you may see some positive attention from an eco-green strategy. In some cases, people will offer very vocal support for whatever stance you take in the eco-friendly realm. Even Google states it has been carbon neutral since 2007.

However, there are far more people who will simply support you by spending. There is a sizable customer base out there who are looking for ways to spend their way into a cleaner environment. These are the people paying extra for free-range eggs, they are the ones buying paper cotton buds, they are the ones avoiding Brazilian beef, they are the ones buying forest alliance coffee.

The Customer First Stance

PlayStation dominated Xbox because they were more customer-first. PlayStation offered lower prices for their consoles, they didn’t make it always online, and they give away games when countries are going through troubles (from royals dying to pandemics). It is true that the Xbox had a slight edge over the PlayStation 4 in terms of technology, but PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One by almost five times more. If you take a customer-first approach, then there are people who will take advantage, but far more will learn to trust you. 

Trust Us With Your Money

Building trust is a big part of selling, but some companies are using it as part of their brand principles, which translates into part of their public relations strategy. Take the likes of Curry’s, which is a pretty big UK electric goods store. If they sell you something and it doesn’t work, they ask you to approach the manufacturer. If the manufacturer doesn’t fix your problem, then Curry takes over, gives you a refund, and collects your item.

They demonstrate through their customer support and through their actions, that you can trust them with your money. You may think that such a low-impact approach wouldn’t work to win public trust, but it actually speaks very loudly to seasoned buyers. People who have been mistreated by other companies over the years will swear loyalty to a company like Curry’s. Again, trust-building is part of their branding, but it strongly affects their public relations strategies. 

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