Does Press Release Writing Still Work?

press release writing

In most cases, press release writing doesn’t work in the way it used to. It used to help you promote things over the Internet, it used to help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it used to draw attention. Yet these days, you can submit press releases across hundreds of networks and platforms and it draws fewer than one hundred people to your website. Yet, even with that being the case, for some reason, there are one out of every thousand where the press release is effective and draws lots of attention. What’s up with that?!?

Why Do Some Press Releases Work?

As mentioned, most press releases draw less attention than a picture of a cute cat on Facebook, and yet some press releases seem to get a lot of attention, a lot of shares, and draw a lot of web traffic. Though the reasons for this are pretty varied, there are two stand-out reasons. 

The first is when news is issued on a topic that is already very publicized. For example, if a company is about to release a highly anticipated product, then news companies and social media influencers will be falling over themselves to pass the information on. For example, the PlayStation 5 saw a massive demand after it was released and years later there is still a shortage. Any information on the easing of the shortage was big news, be it delivered by press release or carrier pigeon.

The second stand-out reason why some press releases are effective and become popular seems to revolve around the viral message rule. Sometimes, images or pieces of information go viral. Many people have tried to understand why some things go viral, and many have tried to explain it, but nobody can because it is a very complex issue that seems to rely on luck. On the same note, some press releases get a lot of attention because they go viral. And, just like with all viral pieces of content, there is no explaining it.

How to Ensure Your Press Release “Doesn’t” Go Viral

It is a complex issue, but the biggest inhibitor from a piece of content going viral is if it is too similar to previous publications. For example, if every day you give a stock report through a press release. You have to ask yourself why today’s press release would go viral when you have a back catalog of hundreds of others that are just the same.

Make no mistake, a viral press release doesn’t have to be unique. You don’t have to claim that your stock levels have gone down because they were eaten by goblins. You simply have to ensure that your press releases are not too similar to the content you have provided in the past.

Getting Help With Your Press Releases

Do not believe any company that claims they can draw lots of attention through press releases. Even with the best of intentions, press releases are too underpowered to drive lots of traffic to your website. However, if you are looking for the type of press release writing that “Could” go viral. If you are looking for press releases that have substance and can make an impact, then get in touch with the team at STAR MEDIA PR GROUP.