Press Releases and Their Purpose

Many today don’t even know what a press release is, so here goes: it’s information that is garnered for a client usually by a journalist (if you’re lucky), and then sent out to international press releases distribution service, who in turn send it to search engines and approved email addresses. It is mainly websites that…

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Press Releases Are More Important Than Ever

press release

In the digital age, far from being a decrepit practice, press releases are more valid than ever before. It would be easy to assume otherwise when the various social media devices available at your fingertips can see you spread your information worldwide in five minutes. After all, what did you used to do with the…

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Star Media PR Make Headlines

With our unparalleled appetite for conversing with consumers and engaging specific target audiences, we can make sure your news make headlines. At Star Media PR, our wealth of contacts and numerous partners come together in all of our projects to create a distribution list capable of reaching niche audiences in both mainstream and local press,…

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