What Is The Best Global Press Release Distribution Service?

 global press release

These days, things like a global press release are a lot easier than they were in the old days. It is still tricky, especially if you want your press release to gain any sort of traction, but the fact is that releasing a press release these days is far easier than it was. You may still need an inside track for some of the bigger publishers, but these days you have literally thousands to choose from, whereas in the old days you could only choose between the big news media.

  1.     STAR PR Media

Perhaps offering some of the most comprehensive press release packages on the market today, the trick to success is having ties with all the major news and influencer outlets. This means that news and press releases will often open to a far larger audience. Prices scale based on the type of press release you want as a customer, from very simple and low prices for local press releases, to tangibly higher prices for things like a global press release.

  1.     Brand Push

This is another company with a pretty good distribution list. They are probably best for companies that are looking for comprehensive reports. They are good for if you are releasing a rather large press release that has lots of details. This company can often get such documents onto the relevant websites where people are likely to view them at their leisure.

  1.     Linking News

Once thought a spam company, they have cleaned up their act and are pretty good for people who have time-sensitive press releases. If your press release features something that has a ticking clock, such as bids on selling your company, then this company may be for you. However, they do not accept openly promotional content.

  1.     PR Web

There are two benefits to this company. The first is that they are very good at targeting by industry, which is especially helpful if you are in the manufacturing and publishing industry. The second is that, just like a few of the others on this list, they openly allow an unlimited number of words on their press releases. This again, makes a company good for larger documents, such as those that heavily document manufacturing issues and news.

  1.     Newswire

They are an older and more established company. They have made this list because their multi-media service is excellent, but they are a very expensive company. This is possible because they are the primary news reporting company for bigger gaming companies like Rockstar. As said, their multimedia services are well above average, but even their starting prices are high and they only get higher as you add things to your package.

Do You Need Help With Your Reputation Management?

Let’s be honest, these days people are putting out press releases because they want the attention, which is why so many press releases are not worth reading. Most of them are some trivial news followed by a lot of publicity fluff. If you need some genuine professionals to work on your online reputation, or perhaps even to generate top-quality press releases, then get in touch with STAR PR Media today and get a global press release that actually generates buzz.