Press Release- Sweetest Splendor Collection at Shop Promesa Sets the Style for the Summer

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LOS ANGELES, March 16, 2020 ( – As the weather slowly grows warmer and winter is left behind, it will be time for women all across Southern California, as well as the whole country, to look into their closets and ask themselves “am I ready for summer?” If the answer is no, Los Angeles-based Shop Promesa’s new collection is bringing forth some of the best outfits the season is bound to see. 

Born out of a tiny booth in downtown Los Angeles, Shop Promesa has grown into an equally recognizable fashion brand throughout its 24-year history. The brand has established itself as a trend-setting force of the Los Angeles fashion scene, helping define that local aesthetic that, in turn, guides the taste of the world through social media. Every season, Shop Promesa’s tasteful blend of the California vibe and the boho-chic continues to capture the LA youth’s effortless glamour.

The brand is now releasing their new spring and summer collection for 2020. With bold patterns and a bohemian spirit, the Sweetest Splendor collection is meant to capture both, the reinvigorating nature of spring and the free-flowing feeling of summer. Jumpsuits for women, dresses, and rompers meet florals, flowing fabrics, and relaxed fits. It has been said that, with the sun shining and the leaves growing, life begins again in the summer. If anything is to evoke such feeling, it’s this year’s Sweetest Splendor collection.

Although they decidedly recall a Los Angeles perspective, Shop Promesa has outgrown their booth downtown for a reason. Their Sweetest Splendor Collection, as well as their other products, are all available for online orders on their website. Interested parties, ranging from individual customers to wholesale retailers, can visit the Shop Promesa online platform and purchase some of their latest offerings. 

For more information on the Sweetest Splendor collection or to make a media inquiry, visit their website at, or call (213) 332-9255.

Source: Shop Promesa

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