Can a PR Agency Make Me Money?

PR Agency

A PR agency is not built to make you money directly. It is not like a sales department or marketing department. You don’t typically give commissions to your PR agency. If they are going to make you some money, then it is indirectly. It is through the spreading of your good name, through getting you exposure, and getting people’s attention. A good PR company can get other people to recommend you to their friends, family, and associates.

Do Companies Become More Profitable?

There are two ways this works, and the end result is hopefully a company that is worth more or that makes more money. A PR company can improve a company’s profile so that more people buy from the company. Also, if a company raises its profile a little, then its stock may become worth more, or it may be perceived as more difficult to buy and/or more in demand.

If your PR company is helping you promote a product or service, then your future marketing efforts may also become more powerful. This is because the PR company has helped increase the size of your potential audience. Think of it this way, if you have the world’s best advert, it is still useless if nobody sees it or takes it seriously. A PR company can help make sure that your adverts are seen and taken seriously.

Will a PR Client Lose Money

In the final paragraph of this article, there is information about larger consultancy services and smaller but still high-profile companies like Star Media. However, there is a third type of PR company, and they are the ones who are poorly qualified, poorly educated, and poor performers. The sad fact is that anybody can open a PR service and claim they are the best. There are some companies that are not rogue or scammers, they are just bad at their job. 

It is possible to lose money through the use of poor-quality PR companies. Do not be fooled by numbers and data. For example, a poor-quality PR company may offer to improve your web traffic, and then run off and hire a Chinese click farm to visit your website hundreds of times. From your perspective, it looks like the PR company did their job when all they did was make it “Look” like they did a good job. In short, if you hire a poor-quality PR agency, then you may lose money and you may even lose credibility if they use black-hat (underhanded) promotional methods.

Professional PR Companies

There are high-profile PR companies that work within larger consultancy services. They charge a massive amount, and typically only cater to larger blue-chip companies. Then there are higher-priced PR companies, which is the sort of PR Agency that Star Media PR Group operates. The good thing about Star Media is that they will adjust their services to match your budget. If you want a big re-branding exercise, then it will cost a certain amount. However, if you want to promote your products, but you only have a small budget, then Star Media will adjust their approach and perhaps only promote one or two products. Once they are successful and you reap the rewards, then you can afford to return and perhaps engage with a larger and more expensive PR project.