Dmitry Paniotto Prepared to Help Venezuelan Refugees Who Take Advantage of Biden Policy

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LOS ANGELES, March 29, 2021 ( – Paniotto Law, a law firm that has experience with immigration cases in Los Angeles, recently announced that they will be able to assist Venezuelan refugees with their immigration. This is specifically in response to the Biden administration’s new policy.

Recently, the Biden administration announced that they are “granting temporary protected status to Venezuelan migrants living in the United States.” As there are “extraordinary temporary conditions” in Venezuela such as “widespread hunger and malnutrition, growing presence and influence of non-state armed groups, a crumbling infrastructure,” administration officials have said, “it is not safe for (migrants) to return.”

This could help roughly 320,000 people. To qualify, “Venzuelans in the United States will have to show they have been residing in the country continuously as of March 8, 2021, to qualify for the Temporary Protected Status (TPs) designation.” Should they meet that criteria, they “will be given an 18-month reprieve to stay and can also obtain work permits.” 

“The situation in Venezuela is tragic and untenable. Our firm has been helping people to stay in America for many different reasons over almost two decades. Now, we can utilize this policy change as well. If you or someone you love meets the minimum standards for the policy, we can do everything in our power to make sure that you or that person in your life can stay in America legally. With this policy change, more people can remain in American to live the life that they want. We’ll be more than glad to help,” said Dmitry Paniotto, Los Angeles Immigration Attorney

Much of the firm’s focus is on asylum and deportation cases. In addition to assisting Venezuelan refugees, they also help with political asylum cases, DACA, those who have been arrested at the border, and many other cases involving immigration law. 

For more information about the Biden administration’s new rules about Venezuelan refugees, abogado para la visa u, or to make a press inquiry, contact the Paniotto Law Firm at (213) 444-5242 3550 Wilshire Blvd #1770 17th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90010. 

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