During Uncertainty, Belal Hamideh Law Represents Those Hurt in Rideshare Accidents

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LONG BEACH, Calif., September 8, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Belal Hamideh, a car accident lawyer in Long Beach, assists clients who have been injured in accidents involving rideshares. This is true whether the injured party is a driver or a passenger, as well as whether or not the accompanying app was “turned on.” Recently, there has been some question as to whether or not different rideshare apps would continue to operate in California.

When drivers for Uber, Lyft, and similar rideshare companies have their app turned to on and they are waiting for a request, those companies only provide liability coverage. However, once a passenger is inside the driver’s vehicle or even if the driver is on their way to pick up the passenger, Uber and Lyft offer far more insurance. As of this writing, it includes uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, collision coverage, $1 million third-party liability coverage, and others.

Hundreds of thousands of California workers may be impacted if Uber and Lyft decide to cease operations in California. California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5 abbreviated) would force the rideshare companies to treat their drivers not as “independent contractors” but rather “employees.” Both Uber and Lyft have claimed that this will cause them to have to leave the state.

“During this time, no one is exactly sure how or if Uber and Lyft will continue to operate within the state. Even if they do leave, something similar, some form of rideshare option, will almost assuredly pop up. Whether that occurs or if Uber and Lyft will continue their California business, we’re committed to making sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Rideshare cases can be tricky, as the insurance situation can be very complex, intentionally so. We have a proven track record of helping drivers, passengers, and all victims of vehicular accidents to receive proper restitution,” said Belal Hamideh.

Belal Hamideh Law also serves as a workers’ compensation attorney in Long Beach.

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