Maritime Documentation Center Sees Rise in Fall Vessel Documentation

maritime documentation center


LOS ANGELES, September 22, 2020 ( – The Maritime Documentation Center, a service that helps vessel owners with any forms related to Coast Guard registration, recently reported that they had seen an increase in late summer and early fall customers. Business was up from this same time a year ago.

The Center was specifically designed to make it simpler for boat owners to get the appropriate vessel documentation for their vessels as well as renewing it. Additionally, the Center offers forms for change of address, transferring or exchanging the vessel, the Satisfaction of a Lien, and other important vessel services. 

Often, the Center sees business rise through the spring. This is believed to be driven by vessel owners hoping to have their registration completed for North America’s warm summer months. This year, the Maritime Documentation Center saw an increase in Boat Registry-related forms through the late summer and early Fall. 

“There’s never really a bad time to take care of your vessel documentation. Certainly, getting it done long before you ever plan on going out on the water is optimal. That way, you’ll never be slowed down by waiting to be in compliance. Whether it’s due to the pandemic, commercial vessel owners expanding their businesses, or people just wanting to be out on the water legally during a warm September, more and more are taking advantage of our services. No matter when someone wants to get in compliance with Coast Guard regulations and enjoy the water, the Maritime Documentation Center will be there to help and expedite the process,” said Jackson Smith of the Maritime Documentation Center.

The Maritime Documentation Center has staff on hand to answer questions vessel owners may have. Business hours are from Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Time. 

For more information about renewing vessel documentation or completing boat forms during the fall or to make a press inquiry, contact the Maritime Documentation Center at or (800) 535-8570.

maritime documentation center

Source: Maritime Documentation Center