FDA Study Finds Sunscreen Chemicals Absorbed by Skin, Zatik Naturals Responds With Organic Sunscreen

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Zatik Naturals, a certified organic skincare company, formulates their sunscreen with certified organic ingredients. A recent FDA study showed that the chemicals in sunscreen can be absorbed into a person’s tissues and bloodstream.

The active ingredients in a majority of American sunscreen brands have never been officially tested for whether they negatively affect a person’s overall health. For years, it was assumed that the chemicals from sunscreens did not get absorbed into a person’s circulation.

The recent FDA test included twelve men and twelve women, each applying one of four sunscreens available for purchase. They did this four times a day for four days. Blood samples proved that levels of UV-blocking chemicals were still present in the test subjects’ bodies even three days after they stopped using the sunscreens.

The solar mineral sunscreen from Zatik is formulated with ingredients such as argan, moringa, non-nano zinc oxide, vitamins, and others that do not cause negative side effects in the human body.

“With our sunscreen, you don’t have to worry about unhealthy chemicals. The sunscreen is vitamin and mineral-based in addition to being certified organic. We’re glad to provide UVA and UVB protection that helps protect your body even when you’re out of the sun.” Ovsanna Mktumyan, Co-Founder of Zatik Naturals.

In addition to the sunscreen, Zatik Naturals offers many different products including organic black seed oil mineral sunscreen, hair care products, and more

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Source: Zatik Naturals