Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy Cites Recent Studies Showing Emotionally Focused Therapy Fosters Lasting Changes in Relationships

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Grazel Garcia is a couples therapist in Los Angeles who specialize in EFT therapy. “EFT” stands for “Emotionally Focused Therapy.” Recent studies have shown that this therapy can “help couples foster lasting change in relationship satisfaction through the facilitation of secure attachment bonds.”

The study was published in “JMFT,” the “Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.” Measuring 32 couples, it tracked their relationships over the course of two years. To make sure that it took EFT thoroughly into account, the couples received, on average, 21 EFT sessions. By following up with the couples, the study noted that “decreases in attachment avoidance were most predictive of higher relationship satisfaction.”

“Emotionally focused therapy is designed to focus on adult attachment and bonding. It’s not a surprise that this study showed how effective this therapy can be, as it’s backed by my own experiences. With EFT, I’ve helped so many couples to become aware of their negative interactional cycles, which then trigger negative responses from their partner. This goes back and forth, perpetuating the cycle. By working with the couple, I can help them to build new, positive interactional cycles.” – Grazel Garcia, EFT Therapist.

Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy isn’t limited to couples. EFT therapy has also shown to be very effective for individuals and children as well. Grazel Garcia has many LGBTQ friendly therapists on staff, too.

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