Your Way Tree Service Prepares for Feared Summer Drought

Your Way Tree Service, a tree removal service company, brush clearance, and drought service, tree trimming service, is gearing up for a potential Southern California drought. Scientists, noting recent history, have raised concerns that the upcoming summer will be especially dry.

The past five years have been some of the warmest in terms of temperature in the southern California area. While this past spring reached as high as 125% of southern California’s average annual rainfall, scientists are still leery that the summer will see a drought. In part, this is due to prior rainy seasons leading to droughts, swinging from one extreme to another.

To counteract this, Your Way Tree Service is prepared to offer drought services to customers. This can keep trees and lawns hydrated so that they can survive even a drought. Using the latest technology and methods, the company gets water to the plants’ roots. During a drought, the soil can become extremely dry, so their drought services address that as well.

“No one wants a drought this summer, but we could be heading to one. Even if the drought doesn’t hit everyone, there’s no doubt that some homes and properties will be affected and dried out by the hot temperatures. Our drought services make sure that your soil, lawns, and trees have the nutrients they need to survive. No one wants to see their lawn or trees wilt, which is why our drought services can get to you fast,” said Jesse Montoya, Founder of Your Way Tree Service.

Your Way Tree Service drought and tree cutting service also include tree pruning. By keeping trees pruned, trees can be more structurally sound and durable even during a drought.

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Source: Your Way Tree Service

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