Futuredontics (1-800-DENTIST) Partners With Denteractive to Provide Immediate Afterhours Dental Care via Teledentistry


Co-sponsored Teledentistry initiative provides effective dental care to patients throughout the United States when they need it most.


LOS ANGELES, August 21, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Futuredontics®, the parent company of 1-800-DENTIST® – the dental profession’s #1 source of pre-screened new patient leads, announced details of a partnership with Denteractive to provide immediate after-hours dental care to patients via Teledentistry.

Since 1986, 1-800-DENTIST has helped connect more than nine million new patients to dental practices across the country. Denteractive has one of the largest nationwide networks of TeleDentists available to provide immediate dental care to patients when they need it most. Utilizing the innovative Denteractive Teledentistry Platform, their online dentists connect with patients in live face-to-face Teledentistry video sessions or through private text messaging to assist with all manner of dental issues on a 24/7 basis.

The Teledentistry initiative, announced today, allows 1-800-DENTIST to refer new patients with after-hours dental needs to Denteractive’s staff of 24/7 Online Dentists for immediate care including:

  • Live face-to-face video sessions between dentists and patients via an easy-to-use smartphone app or any web browser to enable the remote management of emergency, urgent and routine dental issues.
  • Fully secure private messaging between dentists and patients to enable easy communication for routine matters and general patient questions.
  • Fully secure dental records and digital file sharing between dentists and patients.
  • Full end-to-end HIPAA compliant privacy and security.

Following assessment and diagnosis by a Denteractive TeleDentist, 1-800-DENTIST’s referral specialists will then personally match each patient to the most appropriate dentist for follow-up care depending upon their location, diagnosis and condition and leveraging their nationwide network comprising thousands of member practices. Denteractive will also send other patients they care for to 1-800-DENTIST for referral to just the right dentist to meet their long-term needs.

“Our mission is to help the greatest number of people find the quality dental care they need,” said Todd Daum, Co-President of Futuredontics. “Partnering with Denteractive allows us to connect patients to the dental care they need when they need it, utilizing Denteractive’s nationwide network of TeleDentists.”

“We are very pleased to partner with Futuredontics on such an exciting initiative,” said Dr. Reza Izadi, the Founder and CEO of Denteractive. “Our staff of 24/7 TeleDentists can provide effective dental care where and when it is most needed, and we are thrilled 1-800-DENTIST can help all of our patients find the right Dental home after we have provided initial assessment and care.”

About Futuredontics®

​Futuredontics® – the parent company of 18D CONNECT®, 1-800-DENTIST® and Patient Activator® specializes in helping dental practices turn consumers into lifelong patients. We are the industry’s largest direct marketer that solely focuses on the challenge of maximizing dental practice production. Independent practitioners and DSOs nationwide rely on us for the advanced services, training, and support they need to build profitable, long-term relationships with new patients in their area. Only Futuredontics offers the unparalleled expertise that comes with over 30 years of industry leadership. Our library of educational resources – the largest dedicated to dental practice marketing – features original reports, surveys, training webinars and videos. With unlimited live customer support, dentistry’s premier marketing products, and our exclusive production guarantee, Futuredontics is the proven way for dental practices to grow their patient base and increase practice production year after year. 

About Denteractive

In addition to offering a nationwide network of on-call 24/7 TeleDentists, Denteractive also offers its leading teledentistry platform to dentists everywhere for a low monthly fee. The Denteractive Teledentistry Platform was built by dentists for dentists and is used by dentists throughout the United States, enabling them to connect with and care for their patients in face-to-face live teledentistry video sessions and private text messaging, all on a fully secure, HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-class platform.​

For more information about Denteractive, Teledentistry or online dental care, or to make a press inquiry, visit https://www.denteractive.com or contact (888) 574-7754 or [email protected]. For investor relations, please contact [email protected].


Source: Futuredontics, Inc.