Get Frecked Announces Rebranding Into Freck Beauty Along With New Product Line

Freck Beauty

 Get Frecked, a company known for wildly popular web sales of its faux freckles kit, has announced a name change to Freck Beauty, consistent with a rebranding of their company. A new line of beauty products has prompted the name “Freck Beauty” to reach a broader market with modern appeal.

At the end of 2018, Freck Beauty launched the signature Cactus Collection.  Each of the products consists of cactus-based ingredients to deliver optimal hydration to the skin upon application. The product launches were introduced to the public in a pop-up store on Broadway in New York City alongside The New York Times’ Strategist Magazine.

“We’re proud to be the first U.S. retailer with an entire line based in cactus active ingredients and in 2019, we will be expanding to include body care and more,” said founder and CEO Remi Brixton.

The Cactus Collection includes a clay-based face mask with active cactus flower extract and prickly pear seed oil. Rich Bitch is a moisturizer containing prickly pear seed and jojoba seed oils, both of which are rich in vitamins and other nutrients. So Jelly is a cactus eye jelly that moisturizes, reduces dark spots and fights against premature aging.

Soon after the launch, the company introduced Lil Prick, a cactus seed dry serum, and Cactus Water, a cleansing lactic acid toner. The new products are now available alongside the popular faux freckles product at Freck’s website and via Beauty Bay (EU), Dolls Kill, Riley Rose and soon Urban Outfitters.

According to Brixton, developing the new line with a core of cactus products is ideal because of the hydrating antioxidant properties of the plant, which absorbs into the skin quickly without any greasy residue. With the rebranding, the company is moving towards developing beauty solutions for millennials who have become savvy to quality ingredients and formula pay-off.

“Introducing the Cactus Collection is just the beginning of product expansion for Freck,” said Brixton. “We are constantly researching cutting-edge ingredients to bring our customers their new favorite products — products they never knew they needed.”

For more information about the products offered or to make a press inquiry, please contact (213) 632-6977.

Source: Freck Beauty

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