Your Way Tree Service Featured in CalContractor Magazine

Your Way Tree Service

Positive Headlines and Positive Vibes Surround the Tree Service Company

Southern California-based Your Way Tree Service is featured in the newly released 2018 edition of CalContractor Magazine. Coined by publishers as the “Specialty Contractor Issue,” the article focuses on the business journey of Your Way Tree Service founder Jesse Montoya. 2019 marks the 10th year that the company has been in business providing a wide range of tree care services to the greater Los Angeles area.

Montoya founded his company shortly after the Great Recession of 2008.  Having previously worked for a tree care service, he used his expertise to launch his company in 2009. At its inception, Your Way Tree Services began with simple tree care services such as tree trimming but soon branched out into planting, green waste recycling, tree removal and commercial tree service.

Your Way Tree Service has seen a steady expansion in services, crew, service area and, thus, an expansion of their fleet of machinery. The CalContractor piece gets into some fine details and anecdotes of the careful decision making that had to take place to ensure that each acquisition served as a valuable investment.

The game-changing move for the company came when Montoya decided to invest in an onsite tub grinderAccording to Montoya, it was that single acquisition that helped the company save over $25,000 a month on dumping fees (as he is now the one providing the service) and also provide a wider range of services, such as land clearing and making mulch, as a byproduct of his completed tree cutting and removal services.

Montoya said that the company is considering a second tub grinder unit from RDO Vermeer.

For more information on Your Way Tree Service or to make a press inquiry, please call (882) 882-2335.

Source: Your Way Tree Service

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