Green Suites Hotel Solutions to Launch New Site for Sustainable Hotel Amenities

Sustainable Hotel Amenities

Going green is on the forefront of hotel owners’ and guests’ minds as it comes as a benefit for both sides.

Green Suites Hotel Solutions has been offering environmental solutions to the lodging industry since 1993 with a wide array of quality guest room amenities delivered in elegant dispensers. Everyone wins — hotels save money and reduce waste, guests get a higher-quality product than can be afforded in small plastic bottles. The environment is the biggest winner with over 500 million amenity packages not ending up in landfills since the company’s start.

Going green just got easier as Green Suites Hotel Solutions is on the road to launch their new website under the same URL. Streamlined for quicker navigation and an upmarket look, the website will allow hotels to buy online, in-stock products such as cruelty-free personal care products, organic cotton and bamboo textiles shipped directly from the company’s warehouse.

Oftentimes hotel personal care products are geared toward quick fixes, but Green Suites Hotel Solutions steers hotels toward the products guests demand — holistic and natural, organic and healthy. Reading the back of a soap or lotion bottle shouldn’t be like deciphering a puzzle, instead, it should contain as few ingredients as possible. The PAYA soap and lotion provided are formulated specifically for those needing alternatives which lack parabens, phthalates and mineral oil. It is understood how sensitive skin and hair can be, and harsh chemicals in offered products tend to throw off the naturally produced oils which are necessary for the body’s health.

The new website has been a fun project and should show the industry that we are here for their ease and care and that of their guests.


The website also provides some fun and charm as each employee is featured on the “team” page and includes favorite books, movies and most humorously, their “eco sin,” the foibles that each fumble in the face of the company’s environmental ethic. Some of the eco sins range from off-roading to owning a VW van with poor gas mileage.

Also featured is the company’s philosophy covering the importance of joy, humility, gratitude and “the human factor,” which is to say that regardless of technology and economics, all business is people business. So customers, vendors, guests and employees are all given dignity and proper respect. As their philosophy goes, gratitude stems from the multitude of individuals who contribute to the passion and growth behind Green Suites Hotel Solutions and the products they offer. As a way to give back, Green Suites Hotel Solutions is involved with multiple charities and community programs.

Green Suites Hotel Solutions does just green hotels. On the website, they also list their office environmental practices that reduce waste, reused and recycle shipping boxes, and have installed bottle-less water coolers. The company is especially proud of their 100 percent solar warehouse and offices in Upland, California, which they just moved into this spring.

Stated by Cole Wilcox, “The new website has been a fun project and should show the industry that we are here for their ease and care and that of their guests.”

Making conscious decisions when purchasing is a priority for consumers. Maintaining this awareness adds to the care and keeping of Green Suites’ products. Eco-friendly and green hospitality supplies benefit hotel managers and their guests. With less waste to worry about, both parties will be saving in different ways.

For more information on Green Suites Hotel Solutions and the environmental hotel supplies offered through their new site, contact 1(800) 224-4228.

Source: Green Suites Hotel Solutions