Paul Davis Announces They’ve Acquired New Applied Structural Drying Machinery

Structural Drying Machinery

Paul Davis Emergency Services has announced the acquisition of new technology to enhance their applied structural drying services. For years, Paul Davis has successfully dried out homes in the wake of floods and water damage. With the aid of new techniques and technology, they can do it faster and more efficiently.

The first step in recovering from a flood is removing the excess water. Paul Davis applied structural dryingnow has new equipment that helps to detect sources of humidity. They can find more residual water than before. Excess water is not always easy to spot. It can sink in and rest in pools where it can’t be reached. With the new machines, Paul Davis can find this water before it leads to mold or other problems.

After the excess water is eliminated, most homes still don’t look dry. After floods or other water damage, homes aren’t always fully recovered even after the excess water is eliminated. To combat that, Paul Davis has acquired powerful air movers. They incorporate several, one for every ten to sixteen feet or so of wall area. These machines clean with compressed air. They enable Paul Davis to dry out homes faster than they could previously.

Sometimes even after that, additional drying is necessary. At this point, Paul Davis uses dehumidifiers to continue the drying process. The new line of dehumidifiers Paul Davis has fits the humidity of the home. For example, if the relative humidity is 40%, Paul Davis uses a conventional dehumidifier. Should that humidity be around 30%, an LGR (“Low Grain Refrigerant”) dehumidifier is used. At 10% or lower, a desiccant dehumidifier is employed in the applied structural drying process.

Paul Davis incorporates many different kinds of technology in their applied structural drying work. As foremost experts in water damage restoration, the Paul Davis team also specializes in black mold removal.

Infrared cameras are sometimes used to locate additional water and water damage. Large duty axial fans can dry faster than many other machines. Floor drying systems specific for paneled hardwood can dry those floors in a quicker manner than many other larger pieces of equipment. These machines allow Paul Davis to dry the home quickly. Additionally, they enable Paul Davis employees to monitor the levels of moisture. Through this, they can follow the moisture in the home, drying it until it’s completely dried.

To make a media inquiry, or for more information about their applied structural drying machines and techniques, contact Paul Davis at (818) 574-1444 or go to their website.

Source: Paul Davis Emergency Services