Formula168’s ‘Elemental Beauty’ Now Available Online for Nationwide Shipping


The natural beauty supplement is available for sale online and for wholesale distribution.

After extensive testing and consumer feedback, California-based supplement company Formula168 is expanding distribution of  Elemental Beauty, its core product that comes in capsule form.  The natural beauty supplement contains Vitamin B7, otherwise known as Biotin, which has become an increasingly popular ingredient in today’s beauty supplement products. Another key ingredient is Reservatol known for it’s anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.  The product is now available with free nationwide 2-day shipping on their website.

The company has also added the option to become a wholesale or distribution partner through a new and comprehensive online application form. In addition to the new site design, the E-commerce store also has other supplements and hydration products such as alkaline water and energy drinks available for purchase.

In various studies cited in the US National Institute of Health, the key ingredient in Elemental Beauty carries with it several potential aesthetic, youth-enhancing benefits. The key ingredient Biotin has been noted as having several beautifying properties in the human body over time, some of which include skin elasticity and nail health.  Another potential benefit of Biotin is preventing hair loss, according to a study.  This is because the condition of Biotin deficiency is often attributed to hair loss as well as dermatitis.

Elemental Beauty capsules are rich in antioxidants that function to strengthen blood vessels and promote elasticity in the skin.   What sets Elemental Beauty apart from other beauty supplements is Formula168’s emphasis on effective proven ingredients.

For more information on the Elemental Beauty Supplement, other products, or how to make a direct media inquiry with Formula168, please call (855) 981-6888.

Source: Formula168