Historic Mack Sennett Studios Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary Under New Management

Mack Sennett Studios

The Mack Sennett Studios embraces present and future success after studio reopening.

In coming weeks Mack Sennett Studios will hit a major milestone while celebrating five years since its successful revitalization into a hub of artistic film and music production. The studio is known for hosting large events as well as churning out popular media content for the entertainment industry. Even after 100 years, the studio has remained an inspirational force behind the creative minds who’ve owned it. The studio’s president, Jesse Rogg, bought the studio space in Los Angeles with ambitions to bring creative artistic content to the film, music, and TV industries. While successfully doing so, large events and major album release parties are also hosted in the studios. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, and Robin Thicke have used the studio as a proponent to their creative virtuosity.

In the early 1900s Mack Sennett Studios was built by LA tycoon Mack Sennett, and the location was primarily used for the production of silent films. The success of the studio helped entertainers like Charlie Chaplin and Mabel Normand rise to the top as slapstick comedians. In the years it has been active, the studio has undergone numerous renovations, many of which have been administered after Rogg’s adoption of the site. In the wake of turning the building into a prime spot for video shoots and studio space for rent, the studio has surpassed mundane and developed an undeniable luster. With the high-looming walls, a top-quality white cyc, and green screen facilities, the studio offers a unique and professional experience. Advantageous in its own right, the studio allows the opportunity to break barriers in world building.

A musician himself, Rogg began producing and performing at a young age, and has performed internationally. After eventually making his way back to Los Angeles, he caught on to the evolution of entertainment and anticipated working with those who were molding the industry. He often collaborates with Grammy winner, Ryan Heffington, who’s known for bold choreography. It’s creative fusions such as these that keep Mack Sennett a studio rental of choice for artists.

This studio was rebooted during a creative renaissance, and it’s only getting bigger. I want this studio to be a home for artists.


“This studio was rebooted during a creative renaissance, and it’s only getting bigger. I want this studio to be a home for artists,” said Rogg.

Mack Sennett was one of his first projects since returning, and the studio has flourished since. Rogg adds, “We’re here to guide artists, giving them long-term creative direction which helps them maintain a fresh approach to their style.”

As a popular event venue in Los Angeles, the energy at Mack Sennett is always on the rise. Everyone who’s passed through its doors is a creator in some fashion. After five years the location is not only used for studio rentals in Los Angeles, but is also a proprietor in countless industry endeavors.

Mack Sennett is known for hosting album release parties and other festivals, as it is a place where work and play come together. The fifth-year anniversary will be celebrated by Rogg and his team as a way of looking back on the rebirth of the studio while at the same time anticipating a lucrative future.

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Source: Mack Sennett Studios